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Hihi bunnies~! \(^▽^*) I'm going to write about my absolute favourtite eyelashes and where to buy them~!! I love this brand of eyelashes, and they're honestly my favourite! They're the most comfortable and long lasting, and they even come with eyelash glue uwu

I wear these lashes with almost every cosplay/ makeup I do. I'm not sure the back story of these lashes, but they're produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka.

I'll do a review first and then talk about them and which ones are my favourites okay~?^o^

I bought a few pairs of eyelashes from this ebay seller : Sun Shop Beauty , and they asked me to do a review~! They let me choose 3 pairs of lashes to review! ( ´∀`)

[ Sun Shop Beauty ]

[ Dolly Wink Lashes ]

The lashes arrived within two weeks! :) The packaging was in this envelope and they're protected with bubble wrap!

The eyelashes I got were these three~! ; -#12 "Feminine Girl": These are lower lashes -#13 "Baby Girl": Lower lases (My favourite lower lashes! ^o^ ) -#17 "Diamond Dolly": Top lashes (I think these are new?;o; )

These are #12. These ones are more natural lower lashes than the other kinds I have tried in the past.

This photo is of #13! These are my favourite bottom lashes to wear!

And here's #17! These ones are top lashes. They're thicker than others I have worn, but shorter. They almost make for a more casual makeup day uwu

They all come with a tube of eyelash glue~ ;v; (The best eyelash glue) Usually these lashes will last me all day without having to reglue or fix the lashes. They also can last as long as four months even if you wear them everyday! With proper care, you don't have to throw them out if you wear them once!! :>

In all of these photos I am wearing #12 and #17 for lower and top lashes!

For these photos I'm wearing #13 for lower lashes and #2 for top lashes! These together are my favourite lashes to wear together!

This is my collection so far (/w\ )

These two are my favourite top lashes from the brand~! #1 and #2 ! #1 is long thick lashes but I wouldn't wear them for everyday, and #2 are long thick, but they're more spaced out and normal! #2 are my go to lashes (・∀・ ) ♥♥

My favourite bottom lashes are #13 and #14 ! They add the most lash to your look ;w;

Here, i'm wearing #2 and #14~!

Thank you so much for reading! Remember you can buy all of these lashes HERE !

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. How much were the top lashes? ; 3;


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