☆ Review: ProCosplay Fire Emblem Awakening Lissa Costume

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Hello guys! I hope you're all having a great summer! Today I will be writing a review about my Lissa cosplay! My Lissa cosplay has been in planning for months and I'm so glad it's finally finished so I can share the results!

My Lissa costume was made by ProCosplay. They had to custom make it for me, but I believe it's now being sold on their website!

Links to everything in this review will be below ;

[ ProCosplay ]

[ Circusdoll ]

[ Baka Props ]

[ Uniqso ]

You can use my discount code "eikkibunny" on select stores !

The tailors at procosplay have been making my Lissa costume for months! When they finally finished, they sent it express shipping. The package is the photo above.

Inside the package, was my costume~

It was in two separate bags, the costume in one, and the cage part in another.

This is what the costume looked like! (you can see it better in other photos)

I had to assemble the cage part myself, but it was really easy. They emailed me instructions on how to put it together! :)

This is a really crappy photo of the cage put together, but I just wanted to include it to show what it looks like!

This is my staff made from Baka Props. Link is above! I think he did a wonderful job with it! It was shipped in this huge box, and i'm honestly so surprised that it didn't get damaged in the mail! It looks perfect for Lissa and just like her staff.

Here's some mirror photos of when I first tried on my whole wig + costume together!

My costume fit really well, the only problem I had with sizing was that my gloves were a bit too big, and my shoulder/neck area on the top was too big. I just pinned those parts and it looks great! I'm so happy they included the pants and the headpiece!

And here are some selfies I took while in Lissa! The wig is from Circusdoll , and the lenses are from Uniqso !

Watch my video on Youtube! Please like & subscribe ! We will try and make more videos in the future! VIDEO LINK HERE




These photos are taken by Ethan !

Overall, my costume is amazing!! It's really really well made and included all of the accessories. I'm so happy with my Lissa and I cannot thank ProCosplay enough!

A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL OF THESE LOVELY PEOPLE TO HELP MAKE THIS POSSIBLE! I love fire emblem so much so I'm so happy with these! Onto my next Fire Emblem Cosplay~! Thank you so much for reading! Please comment and make sure to check my other accounts!

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. Oh wow this cosplay is awesome! :o
    That staff is gorgeous~

  2. Wow your cosplay looks so amazing <3
    The best I have seen :3

    ❤ Sann


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