☆ Review: Uniqso Solone Flight of Fancy Series - Eyeshadow Makeup Box

10:52 AM

Good morning guys~! What are your plans for today? Hopefully my youtube video should be up soon! You can find my channel here !

Today I will be reviewing this new eyeshadow palette I got from Uniqso! Links are below;

[ Previous Uniqso Review ]

[ Uniqso ]

[ Solone Flight of Fancy Series - Makeup Box ]

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My package was shipped quickly with DHL. It took about two weeks~! Inside was a smaller envelope with my items.

Here's the items I got. I received this cute lens case as a gift because my birthday is this month!

This is the front, box and the back of the eyeshadow palette. I love the front of it! It looks so pretty (。・‧̫・。).**♡ Unfortunately I cannot read what the box is saying, but I feel like it's about the creator, and a little story ? ;v; That's what it looks like to me~

I actually found this really difficult to open LOL i'm just weak and dumb though. But inside, it has four beautiful shimmery eyeshadows, along with two little eyeshadow sponges ! It also has a mirror on the other side of the case~

I really think this palette is really good quality and the design is so pretty I love it so much

Here's some swatches of the colours on my skin! All of the colours are very pigmented and they're all sparkly so they make it pretty. I use the white one the most so far! I apply it to my top lid, and the corners of my eye, to make a tear line! It looks very bright and helps widen my eyes.

I will have to do a makeup tutorial sometime using this simple palette! What do you think?

I used these eyeshadows for both of these looks ! Annnd all of the photos I have taken recently! ;v; It's kind of hard to see my eyes, I should have taken an upclose photo!

Overall, I absolutely adore this eyeshadow palette ! It's fantastic! I only usually ever use white and brown eyeshadows for my daily makeup anyway, so these are great!

Thank you so much for reading! And I hope you have a great week!

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. That palette is adorable~!


  2. That packaging omg <3 And love the colors, i also only use white and browns for my daily makeup.

    ❤ Sann

  3. I love your pics! How do you take such amazing pictures?? ;u;


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