☆ Review: Uniqso: Cosplay Wig - Vocaloid - Luka D & Lolita wig BG [ IMAGE HEAVY ]

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Hello~! This review will be image heavy ! I wanted to make sure to state that at the beginning so you don't get annoyed or anything ;v;

I will be reviewing two wigs I got from Uniqso~! I originally got three wigs, but one hasn't arrived yet. These two arrived extremely quick! Usually when I get wigs they take about 1-2 months to come, like they have in the past, and also probably my third one. But for some reason these were super fast? You can find the links below :

[ Uniqso ]

[ Luka (Pink Wig) ]

[ Lolita wig ]

Remember to use my discount code "eikkibunny" for 10% off your entire order !

This is what my wigs arrived in. They were shipped EMS (probably for review sake)

Inside, the wigs were both packaged in separate wig bags.

The pink wig came with two pieces. The actual wig, and a clip on ponytail.

The base wig was very long and thick. Be careful it doesn't get tangled because you don't want to brush out those curls! They'll get frizzy and come undone if you do. The wig also has adjustable clips so they can fit any size head.

The ponytail has a big clip (shown in the photos) to attach to the wig. When you attach your clips make sure to actually put it on the wig cap part, and not just the hair because it will fall out easily that way. It's very heavy and thick, but it adds a nice touch~

Here's a colour swatch of the pink wig! It's a really nice dusty pink colour, not shiny at all.

When I first put the wig on, the bangs were very long and unstyled! You will need to style them yourself!

After trimming and straightening them a little, they look a lot better! A little styling can go a long way!

Here's the wig with the clip in ponytail! I prefer it without the extra piece, but I still wanted to try it on. What way do you prefer?

My look with the wig~~

I'm also wearing lenses from Unqiso~

The lashes I'm wearing here are Dolly Wink #1 and off brand bottom ones!

You can make the freckles yourself by using a brown eyebrow pencil or a brown eyeliner!

I did really like this pink wig! It was a lot more hair than I expected lol but I love how it looks! It's not shiny at all, and the colour is very pretty! Just please make sure not to comb out the curls hahaha that would end up bad. The wig was also very soft!

The thing I didn't like about this wig, was that on the top, the wig cap shows sometimes. I think because its so long and thick at the bottom, the ratio from top to bottom doesn't match up so it's a bit thinner up there. You can't notice it, but then again this isn't a casual wig to wear out in public on a daily basis. The price was also very expensive, but it is a nice wig, so people will pay more. You can't expect wigs to be cheap. You get what you pay for!

I would rate this wig 8.5/10!

This is what my second wigs looks like as soon as you take it out ~

The first thing I noticed was I was a little upset with the shiny white/blond pieces underneath.

This wig also has adjustable clips ~~ Also if you were wondering why they're always stuffed with paper, it's because it helps them keep their shape and not be flat so when you put it on it's a nice shape :)

Here's the colours of this wig~ The brown is a really nice dark brown.

This wig is really nice when it's on! It almost looks natural. The bangs are almost prestyled as well. I just trimmed them a bit. I love the waves of this wig.

My top is from Happy Monday - Use my code "eikkibunny" for a discount!

Skirt is from Doll Decore !

Selfies with the wig~~

My eyelashes are the same as mentioned above, and the lenses are also from Uniqso!

I think this wig was a little on the shiny side, I was hoping for a natural wig to wear out if i'm too lazy to wash my hair, or just wear it for a change but I'm not sure if this one will be able to hold up. I did like the way it's styled though! And I love this brown colour! I think if it was all brown, I could use it for sure! But the white/blond colour is what throws me off.

Overall I would rate this wig 6.5/10! It's a nice wig for people who are first getting into trying wigs, but I don't think it's anything special.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope it wasn't too long hahaha! Out of the two wigs which one is your favourite~?

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. I like that the pink wig is a nice dusty color and not shinny. I wish the second wig had the less shinny look of the other. Your dress is so cute with the pink wig, where is it from?

    1. thank you so much! the pink wig is perfect, but the brown one is a little shiny :( I wish it wasn't so I could wear it out .. My dress was from ebay!

  2. The pink wig is so cute! <3 And I love the bandaid on your nose teehee~

  3. Where did you get your shirt, aa? :O

    1. happymondaystore.com! you can use my code "eikkibunny" for a discount!

  4. I love the second one the best~ it looks so natural. I can't wait to be able to one day buy these things from uniqso ; v ;

  5. You look adorable! :) Love your photos ♥

  6. You look adorable! :) Love your photos ♥

  7. Love your blog! Which lenses are you wearing with the pink wig?

  8. I like your blog. How I wish I can make a cute and nice blog.... you look soo cute~

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