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Hey everyone! Today I will be writing another review for Uniqso! This one is for both lenses and the wig shown in all of these photos~

Links ;

[ Uniqso ]

[ Red Lens ]

[ Peko Wig ]

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This is what the wig and lens were shipped in. The wig was in the top parcel and the lenses in the one below. The lenses only took 2 weeks, but the wig took about 6 to arrive.

Here's the products when I first opened the package

This is what the lenses came in and what they look like. They're exactly how they look online! They're also in a little case instead of a bottle which is a lot easier to open and less messy!

This is what they looked like in my eyes! (sorry for bad quality photo). You can see they enlarge my eyes, and make them a vibrant red colour! They're very easy to put in and wear, and you can't even tell you're wearing lenses with them.

The wig came with a free comb and wig cap! :) It was also packaged like this in the bag! **TIP: keep the wig bags to store them back into, so it's easier and more tidy!

The wig looked like this when I opened the bag~ It was prebraided and put up into pigtails.

It has wig clips so you can adjust the size on your head. Usually I put it to the smallest they can go, but for this particular wig, it was very tight and the overall wig size was pretty small. I had to use the largest ones and try and pin it down on my head a bit in the back.

The wig has a natural scalp ^ Shown in this photo. I really liked this because it does look really good! The bang area on the wig and the back to where your hair /neckline is looks a bit off and I will have to try and undo the pigtails and clip it down so it covers more area of the head next time.

Here is some photos of me wearing the wig~. Like I said above, I will need to style it a bit better in the back. Also I trimmed the bangs and straightened the sides, so it will require a bit of styling.

And in these photos I'm wearing the wig and the lenses! The lenses show up really well in camera and in person for the colour! The wig is a tad on the shiny side, but it might be because of lighting.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed~!

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. The lenses are so vivid! And the wig is styled really cutely~

  2. you make a really good peko!! love the pics <3


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