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Hey cuties ~! (n˘v˘•)¬ I've noticed I've never actually written an outfit post?! I'm going to try my hardest and start doing monthly outfit posts. Even though today is only the 21st, I'm bored and I thought it would be a good time to try this out! I found some outfit posts on my tumblr and put together a few new ones for this post, and I'm excited!! I'm also excited because in the future I will have a better mirror and room to do these photos in, instead of just my sisters bedroom!(。´∀`)ノ ALSO I've bought a bunch of new outfits for my birthday ♥ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧. It's so hard to afford cosplay and clothing and an apartment lol. I'm going to try and include more masculine/boyish looks too, as I've been wanting to do that for a loong time but i've been scared ;;

Buuuut without further ado~ let's begin~ ( I apologise in advance that I don't have dates or anything aaa)

Hmmm I'm trying to go in order, and I believe this one was me first~ uwu I don't even think this was in July, but I wanted to include it bc the lack of ootds I actually took this month, and seifukus are cute as heck

Skirt & Top Seifuku : Circusdoll

Tights : Aliexpress

Shoes : Sololita

Necklace : Etsy

Phonecase : I made online~ ;v; I can't remember where sorry!!

I'm going to include all of my PinkysDream ootds too~! I realised I only take photos when it's for a review, so I will try harder and make August exciting !! This is my first PinkysDream outfit. I actually LOVE pinkysdream, they're so easy to buy from! I also love this outfit and the brand of clothing~.

Top & Skirt : PinkysDream ( on instagram )

Stockings : Spreepicky

Phone Case : Ebay

Shoes : Aliexpress

Another outfit from PinkysDream~! Honestly I don't really wear this out much ;v; I find the shorts to be too pajama like so I wear them to sleep a lot. I wear the shirt lots because I don't really have many t-shirts and it's hot and I'm too lazy to get fully dressed (´∇ノ`*)ノ

Shirt : PinkysDream

Shorts : PinkysDream

Stockings : Spreepicky

Shoes : Ardenne

Phone Case : Ebay

Choker : PinkysDream

Yeaaaah yeahhhh yeeeeeeah (crack kid voice) last pinkysdream outfit~! I love this little dress! ;v; It's so easy to wear and it makes me feel like a little princess ~! Also, this day Ethan and I went to the circus ♥♥♥!! It was so much fun I love circuses ♥♥♥♥

Dress : PinkysDream

Headbow : PinkysDream ( I always feel like buying hair accessories is a waste of money??? And I got this one for free, but I actually wanna buy more! I wanna buy/get more cute hair accessories!!)

Socks : Ardenne (I love this store it has so many cheap socks uwu )

Shoes : Sololita

Phone Case : Ebay

Next outfit~! My psychic trainer outfit ;) This one is pretty casual & cosy and it was perfect to wear for a day out with Em <3

Top : Bobon21

Skirt : Bobon21

Stockings : Spreepicky

Shoes : Ardenne

Espeon Plush : Folly Lolly

Aaaa I wasn't fond of this outfit much buuut I tried so hard to match these shoes! ;; I love these shoes but what the heck I feel so strange mismatch,, goal is to match these with some more outfits!! (⌒▽⌒ゞ

Top : Aliexpress

Bow : PinkysDream

Skirt : (I actually can't remember?? ;; )

Stockings : Spirit Halloween (working there paid off ;) literally )

Wig : CircusDoll

Shoes : LolitaDressesShop

Hair Bow /cherries : Ebay (seriously they're like $2 u should buy some )

Wig : CircusDoll

SwimSuit : SyndromeStore

PhoneCase : Ebay

I mixed match this thrifted corset top hehe~~ Also i'm so happy because I finally found a used card to buy cute stamps on LINE camera!

Top : Thrift Store ( I thought it was pretty cute, but it's too big so i'm gonna make it smaller)

Skirt : Mall

Stockings : Spreepicky

Shoes : Sololita

Phone Case : BlackSheepCases

I bought these overalls and I wanted to make SOOO many outfits with them but they're SO short??? They're kinda uncomfortable to wear out because they're so short.;; I should have tried them on before I bought them I guess... At least they were only $10

Top : PinkysDream

Shorts : Mall

Stockings : Spreepicky

Shoes : Aliexpress

Phone Case : BlackSheepCases

Hair cherries : Ebay

I think this is the last outfit ~~ I'm sooo tired right now and I just wanna go lie down and play Ace Attorney ;;w;;

Top : BoBon21

Skirt : PinkysDream

Stockings : Spreepicky

Shoes : Sololita

Phone Case : BlackSheepCases

Strawberry Hair things : Some weird local store ;;

Yaaaaay! And I think that's everything!! (≧∇≦)/ I hope you enjoyed this sort of post! I liked writing it because I got to look through all of my dumb outfits and stuff~! I'm excited to make more and to fix up the mirror situation! :) Thanks so much for reading! I'm going to lie down soooon! Goodnight! (n˘v˘•)¬

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. I love all those outfits! Pinky's Dream and Bobon21 are on my list of shops to buy from next (why do I have to be broke //cries). Just wanted to say thank you for introducing so many amazing stores, and for writing such amazing reviews ♥


    1. hehe thank you so much!! they're my favourite shops too! 8) I'll make a monthly outfit favourites/ootds review !!!

  2. Waaa you have the cutest clothes ever /w\


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