☆ Review + Update: Em Duy KAWAII DECODEN Phone Case + Otaku Mode

3:12 PM

Hello everyone! Happy new year~!

Sorry I'm only saying happy new year now even though it's the 25th!( ;A;) This is my first review/post of the new year and I hope there will be many more to come~! I already am backed up with reviews!! But I've been very busy since January has started..ヘ(。□°)ヘ Especially with Elsa birthday parties!! Busy busy ..

How has everyone's Januaries been? I hope you're all well~ Ethan updated my blogspot for me today~ What do you think of it? I love the little buttons on the left side ;v; <<<<<------ Do you like~?

I'll start this post off by a mini review for Em Duy Kawaii Decoden phone cases~! You can find their Instagram store here

This is the photo of the case they made me on instagram~! ;v; They did make it the beginning of December, and I'm very sorry for such a delayed review `(๑ △ ๑)`*

The case was shipped in this box and it took about 4 weeks to arrive ~~

Inside, the case was wrapped in this super cute hello kitty bag, as well the whole box was protected with bubble wrap! 10/10 packaging~

And here's my case!! ^o^ I love it! This was actually only my second decoden phone case I own and I'm very pleased with it! It's made really well and it even has little stars on the frosting stuff (idk what that's called??/) Also, here's the back view of the case as well~ :)

Here are more shots of the case from different angles showing all of the cute little deco pieces on it! (* >ω<) This case is for my Iphone 4s, before I got a new phone :)

Overall, I really love this case ! It's very well made! Thank you so much for this cute case!

Now I just wanted to mention and post what I recently have purchased for Otaku Mode! You should all join because once you share your code and people use it you will get $5 towards their store! ;v;

My Invitation Code

Idol Master - Mika Figure. I really wanted to post her because she was expensive and very beautiful uwu She's such a pretty figure

And all of these plushies~ 8) Well I've had most of them for a few months but 90% of them are basically from Otaku Mode ~

Thank you so much for reading my post~! I'm going to go watch netflix and play persona now ~! ;v; maybe condition my hair.... I'm still trying to tone it and get it white but it turned purple just then ...... -______--

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. How beautiful is the case decorated, I love Decoden> w <now I'm working on one for my phone. !!! They are very cute ~ I love shopping Fig.♥ Kisses XOXO

  2. So cute and lovely things *-* I really love the phone case


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