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Goodmorning ~! I just woke up ;v; ehhe. I'm hungry but I'm going to finish this review before I have breakfast. Yesterday Ethan, Tenille and I went out and we finally took my Elsa cosplay photos for Spreepicky! I'm so excited and happy with how they turned out! I haven't told anyone that we took them yet~! I hope Spreepicky will like them. I was hoping to surprise them because they've been waiting so long ;A;. I will probably post/review them tomorrow because I have work today~.

Anyway, Today I will be reviewing another pair of lenses adding onto my last review for Uniqso! This will be my 11th Uniqso review I think?? You can find product/website links below;

[ Uniqso ]

[ Beuberry Iris Yellow ]

You can use my discount code "eikkibunny" for 10% off all orders ~!

These are the lenses I will be reviewing! I've been searching for a pair of yellow lenses since I've first started with Uniqso!! There's limited choices for yellow/golden eyes and I thought these would be the best looking ones for me, but everytime I tried to order they were out of stock! ;A; They were finally in stock this time~ (`ー´)

These lenses are priced at $17.90, and you can also get them in prescription lenses.

Same photos as the last review because they came in the same order. They were shipped in this envelope with EMS shipping, so they arrived within 2 weeks of placing my order!

The lenses also came in a little box and came with a free lens case! This is what they look like in the case. As you can see they look exactly like the pictures show on the website! ^o^ They're also a very nice golden colour.

As you guys know from previous reviews, my eyes are a natural blue/grey colour! So these lenses show up extremely well in my eyes!!! I think they blend nicely and they're not too bright, but also not too dull! They're a perfect amount of colour, and also they have a widening effect on my eyes, making them appear bigger.

For these photos in this review, I am wearing Dolly Wink #2, and an off brand pair of lashes for the top. As for bottom lashes, I am wearing Dolly Wink #13 ( ´∀`)

I wore these lenses for my Saionji Cosplay from Super Dangan Ronpa 2~! I originally got these lenses for some other cosplays, but then I realised these would be perfect for Saionji as well! For Saionji, I will write a full review later on!!!**** I have to review the costume ;u;

Overall, I really really really am happy with these lenses! I'm so glad I finally got golden lenses to cosplay some characters with this eye colour~! uwu

The lenses are very comfortable, and easy to put in/wear ! I would rate them a 5/5 !! I highly recommend these!

Thank you so much for reading my review! I do hope you check out Uniqso next time you're interested in purchasing some circle lenses! Remember, circle lenses are also worn as fashion/ and can be used for daily use as well as just cosplay! I personally wear them when I'm going out somewhere because I think they add to my look (/v\ )

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. They look lovely! It's also pretty cool that the color matches with both your hair bows and kimono sash!! ovob

  2. Such a qt color! I wish I was brave enough to wear an un- natural eye color like this out in public ლ(ٱ٥ٱლ)


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