☆ Review: Unqiso - Seeshell Sclera Lens-Mysterious Orange Troll

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Hey everyone!! (*´・v・) I will be writing another review for Uniqso today! I'm very excited to finally get this review done! I've been very busy with self care and reviews~! I'm also in such a Christmas mood!!! I'm excited for it. Are you guys excited as well?? Haha I shouldn't be thinking about Christmas when it's only the 14th of November..

You can read my previous Uniqso review here!

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[ Uniqso ]

[ Seeshell Sclera Lens-Mysterious Orange Troll ]

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These lenses took about 4 weeks to arrive! They're my second pair of scleras I own and I was going to continue the alice in wonderland thing and use them for chesh, but I kind of gave that up lol

They were shipped in this box, and they also came with a free lens case!

My first time wearing these was on Halloween for Barrel! I think they looked really good, but while I had them in, the lens would turn so the eyes were horizontal and vertical.. It was weird because one lens would just move and then I would have to just turn it back the proper way.

Scleras are very tricky getting in the first time, but after a while it's pretty easy! I find the best way to get them in is to try and put them up under your eyelid first and then slide them up, then move them back down to the proper position. That was a horrible description, i'm sorry;;

Once they're in your eye, they almost feel like a window cling lol. They will take a good few minutes of blinking and wanting to rip them out to get adjusted with them. Just make sure not to wear them for too long as they are a heavier material than normal lenses!!

These lenses have a very vibrant colour! They show up great! They kind of remind me of a frog though

I got new elf ears so I wanted to be a cute demon nurse~

In these photos though, you can see how the lenses are moving! ;;

Overall, I would rate these lenses a 3.5/5! They are very vibrant and comfortable to wear, but I don't like how they move so easily ;;

Thank you all so much for reading! Remember when you make an order from Uniqso, you can always use my discount code "eikkibunny" !! ;v;

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. OMGG They're so cool! I'd like to try sclera lenses (specially the black ones) but I can't due to my myopia :/ Btw, they look so good ~

  2. I love those contacts~! Also your demon nurse costume was really pretty <33


  3. Wow, the colour is amazing, I love the intensity of it!

  4. Sclera lenses are so cool! Your demon nurse is so creepy cute ; u ;



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