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Hi hi everyone

Today I finally gained the energy to write a blog post about my recent buys of October and an update! So, it's November now and I'm actually so happy October has ended. That month was so horrible for me and everyone around me...; I spoke to a therapist about everything and I scored very high on the depression scale and the therapist said she was really worried...;; SO all month I've had so many ups and downs, but when I feel happy I get more sad than ever.. The littlest things bother me, I cried over no milk, pet stores feeding mice to snakes, etc. I quit my jobs, and I need time to relax, so I've booked more Princess Parties to try and pay for rent and living expenses. But I've decided I'm going to work on everything and try to stay positive. (。・ω・。) I'm trying to go back to school in January, I'm going to study veterinarian assistant. I love animals so much ;v;

As I eat my veggies, I'm going to do a quick October buys haul post for you guys~! ♪♪ Mainly for myself to remind me I have enough things and I shouldn't be spending so much money, and I should save for a trip, but shopping always makes me happy for a quick second.

**********Image Heavy*************

First I'll show you guys my order from Taobao! I made this order back in July, but I never gotten around to ordering it! So after a long complicated process with taobao, I finally got HALF of my order I made! ( p′︵‵。)

I got two boxes of Sailor Moon figures because I was hoping one would be Chibiusa, saturn etc, but it's just the main scouts with different faces! So i'm saving one box for presents uwu

Some of the scouts won't stand properly, but they're really cute!♥♥

I bought Kirino's slippers as well~ qvq

I also bought Kirino's pillow ! (*´・v・) I actually went through with this whole order just for this pillow hahaha

I bought the pink alpaca ;v; I need names for both the pink and the white ones!!

I had to get my other favourite eeveelutions aside from espeon and eevee! I already had those two though! ;v; These ones have poke centre tags on them ! I think we're going to order a few of these to sell at a local con!

This top and skirt are both from Bobon21! I've been eyeing this top for a loong time and I LOVE this skirt with strawberries on it (/v\ )

I had to get the moon rod! I was planning on buying Usagi's whole cosplay from taobao but I took it out of my order. ;;v; Originally, this was shown as plasic and in a box for the new anniversary Sailor Moon, but when it came it was just thrown in the box with the rest of the items... I'm disappointed in this product I bought, because the ball was broken off along with one of the red gems..... ;;

Little twin star stationary~ uwu Now I can use these for writing letters to all of my friends.

Now it's time for my Tokyo Otaku Mode products I got this month! ;v;

I love using Otaku Mode because I earn points and I get everything for free! You can read more information here!

Rilakkuma Pillow ~~~

Amuse Loppy Bunny

Amuse Rams(?) I gave Em the pink one! ♥

Eyelash buys~~

And last for this October haul is my Robin tattoos! I bought two of these for cosplaying robin~ uwu

Annnnd that's it!!! I have to stop now because I want to watch Digimon! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Thank you all for reading! I hope you enjoyed and had a wonderful October

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. Cheer up senpai!! Also, all the things are soo nicee!!♥♥♥

  2. I hope you feel better soon!! You're doing really well and I think doing things that make you happy will help with the depression, so make sure to take care of yourself ;v; ♥ Lots of cute buys, reminds me I need to do a bobon21 haul at Christmas, all their stuff is so cute!!

  3. I loved the Kirino's pillow!! Also the sheeps (?) plushies
    hehe where did u buy them?? *O*

  4. yaya I love all ; ; much your Sailor Moon things!


  5. the moon stick is soooo fake haha


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