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5:54 PM

Hello! Tonight I will be reviewing a few pieces of clothing I received from Sheinside. Link Here !(*´・v・) I've been very very busy this month and I'm super tired tonight haha but I wanted to finish this~~! How are you all spending your December?

My package took about 6 weeks to arrive. I'm sorry I don't have a photo of it ((´д`)) ;; But it arrived in a standard shipping envelope, and the items were packaged separately in Sheinside bags.

The first item I will be reviewing is this knit cardigan ! ╰(°ㅂ°)╯ I chose this item because winter is coming and it looked super cozy and nice to wear around the house~~!

You can find the rest of my outfit here~

This cardigan is super cozy! It's a soft knit so it's not itchy or anything. It's also fairly large, and has two pockets. The only thing I kind of dislike about it, is that it has quarter sleeves and not full sleeves (´;ω;`)

It's also very thick and kind of difficult to wear under coats/jackets ;v; So I wear it around the house a lot!

The next item I got was this black zippered jacket. I got this item for more fall/winter quick outfits. It has a zipper that goes all the way up to the top of the hood!!! (*・艸・)

The inside is lined with a grey cotton material, and the outside is like a waterproof type material qwq

The jacket is very comfortable and it fits well~ It also has two pockets.

Overall, I really like these two pieces, and I got these ones to wear for more comfortable/at home/lazy outfits ;v;

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it ~ ! I'm soooo sleepy now hahhah ;;

Night night

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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