☆ Review: Unqiso - Lolita Wig AO & Barbie Angel Grey

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Hi hi~! I have another Uniqso review for you today~! (´ω`★) I have had so many things to review lately, but I'm busy trying to get back on a schedule and get ready for Christmas! Are you all excited for the Holidays?

Links below;

[ Uniqso ]

[ Lolita Wig AO ]

[ Barbie Angel Grey ]

Remember to use my code "eikkibunny" at the checkout~!

In my last post, these lenses for this review were shipped in the same package! They arrived about one week after ordering which is super fast!

The lenses are always packaged in cute little boxes~ They came with a free lens case as well.

These lenses are priced at $16.90 on their website. You can get them in prescription lenses if needed as well. They look exactly as pictured on their site!

These are the lenses in my eyes. They blend nicely with my natural eye colour, and they help enlarge your eyes for more of a "dolly" appearance!

I'm wearing Dolly Wink #1 for top lashes, and Dolly Wink #14 for bottom lashes~~~!

The wig was shipped in a separate envelope, and it took about 30 days to arrive!

This is what the wig looked like packaged in the wig bag.

The wig is very pretty! It's really long and soft, and not shiny at all! It looks great. It also has a bang pre-cut on the wig, which usually, they don't have so this was nice! uwu

Also, the wig has adjustable straps so it can fit properly on your head!

This is what the colours looked like upclose. They're very vibrant and pretty. They look like natural hair, and they blend together nicely.

HAHAh. When I first put the wig on, this is how the bangs were, unstlyed! They're pretty long, so you may need to trim them if you want a front bang, or just push them to the sides for side bangs! For this review, I just pushed them to the sides for side bangs, I don't like front bangs on me much, but I do think they look very nice! ;v;

As you can see, I just quickly brushed the wig out and fixed it up a bit. Without scissors or any products~~. It's a very easy wig to work with if you're not used to styling! I plan on making a few wig styling video/ tutorials in the future because I've gotten a lot of asks about it. But for now, you can check out uniqso's website for some styling tips.

Here's some more photos showing the length of this wig, and the way the colours look together! They're very pretty ;7;

I also put it up in pigtails~ I had a lot of fun with this wig, and usually when I take photos, I just wear a wig for an hour or so, but I wore this one for the whole day! It was very easy to untangle, and get back in place!

In all of these photos above, my skirt is from Bobon21, & my top is from Aliexpress.

And here's some selfies with the lenses and wig!

I would rate both this wig and lenses 5/5! I absolutely LOVE this wig so much, and these lenses are very cute!! ;v;

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day~!

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. Where did you buy that skirt, its so cute~!!! You look lovely in the wig and it goes very well with what you're wearing ^^

  2. That wig is so cute ^^ I love the skirt.


  3. Pretty photos *-* you're really cute <3


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