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Hello~!Today I will be writing a review for Miccostumes! I got a sailor moon cosplay costume from this company and I wanted to write my review before a photoshoot since I have a bunch others to do and it's really snowy ! ><

[ Miccostumes ]

[ Sailor Moon Costume ]

[ Wig ]

This is the stock photo for the costume~ I wanted this one because it comes with so many accessories! :)

My costume took about 3 weeks to arrive! It was shipped with regular mail, in an envelope.

This is what the costume looks like! It looks just like how it does in the stock photo from their website. Also, it comes with a lot of accessories! I like the sock boot things that it came with! Those motivated me to get this one 8)

Full costume~ uwu

I'm missing the hair pieces and the bow decals :( but it looks ok with out them

Here's photos of me wearing the costume I got~! It fit perfectly! I had to tape the boot/socks up because they were falling down :(

I really like the materials used for this! Every time I was looking for this costume before, the skirt was very shiny, but this one isn't shiny! I think the materials used for this skirt is perfect :)

Photos of me with my (huge) luna !! ;v; hahaha I love anya she looks like she hates me so much in these though >:)

Moon Selfies~

Wig - Circusdoll (love this wig because it's heat resistant)

Lenses - Uniqso (use my code "eikkibunny" for a discount)

Overall I would rate this costume 4/5! I love the materials used and it's very comfortable and fits perfectly! The only thing I don't really like about this costume was how massive the front bow it! ;A; It's so large and seems to cover up the whole front instead of just some. I do love all of the accessories it came with and how the weird puffy parts of sailor moon's outfit looks! I love how it looks!

I will for sure have more photos of this cosplay to come ! I just wanted to share this for now~!

Who's your favourite sailor scout~!?

Thank you so much for reading~!

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. Sailor Moon is my favorite! Huge Luna is so cute! ◠‿◠

  2. Adorable !!! And I think this anime costume will look much better on you.


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