☆ Review: Lolita Kawaii Shoes December 2015

11:21 AM

I recently got a package from Lolita Kawaii Shoes again to review ! They have a new store now! You can find the new store link [ here ]

My items took about 8 weeks to arrive. It was all packaged with a bubble mail envelope and all of the items inside were packaged separately with company bags.

I picked out these two skirts from their store. I love the colours of these two. They match a lot of my clothes already, so they're perfect and easy to wear. The quality of these skirts are really good! Usually for these little tennis/school skirts are very cheaply made , thin and short, but these ones are not.

I picked out this purse from them as well! I thought this purse was so cute and it would be perfect to bring along with me when I go to Ariel birthday parties and events! I really think the kids would love to see that!

This purse is really high quality. I thought that it would be a bit small to put things in, but it actually can fit a lot inside. The pearls are sewn on, and none of them are loose/coming off. This purse also comes with two straps, one smaller one and one longer one. You can wear it in a lot of different ways.

This is a little outfit I put together with the skirt and purse.

And this dress was a little Christmas present they sent me! It's so cute! It's a little short, so I would recommenced shorts or another longer skirt underneath as well, but it reminds me of a fairy.

Overall I am very pleased with this package! Everything came in perfectly, and it's all made really well! I'm so surprised with the skirts and very happy with them!

Please go check out this store! Make sure to click their new link here !


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