☆ Review: Uniqso : Cosplay Wig - Haikyuu!! Hinata & Lolita Wig V

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Good afternoon! I'm so sorry I haven't written a post here in a long time! I have been working on making a brand new blogspot for future posts, but I haven't decided what I would like it to be yet! As soon as it's finished I will convert over there and make a post here linking you my new blog! :)

I'm going to be writing a review today for two wigs I got from Uniqso! Links will be below ;

[ Uniqso ]

[ Cosplay Wig - Haikyuu!! - Hinata Syouyou ]

[ Lolita Wig V ]


This is the stock photo for their Hinata wig. My wig arrived withing three weeks of placing the order! I forgot to take a packaging photo this time, but it's the same as always! :) It was shipped in a dhl packing envelope and the shipping was as great and fast as always!

When my wig arrived, it was folded inside out, which does make the wig have a lot of volume, but it's also a bit too much. It was very difficult to style. It took a few days to get the wig the right style, I had hairsprayed it down and covered it with a beanie for a few days, and then I trimmed and straightened it. Once that was all done, I started to pin pieces back with bobby pins and try to curl certain pieces up again! It took a bit of work and effort, but once it was finished I think it turned out okay!

There was a pin on the front that was edited out because the wig wouldn't properly stay down :(

For this wig, overall, I would rate it ;


I'm always scared of getting short wigs because they always seem to fly off my head and not fit right, so from now on, I think I will stick with longer wigs and cut them! :) That's a lot easier for me to do, since they start off flatter and they're not fuzzy at the tops.

This is the stock photo for the Lolita Wig V. This wig looked really pretty, and honestly something a bit different from what I normally own! :)

This wig was also shipped the same way as the Hinata wig, and it only took two weeks to arrive! Uniqso has incredible shipping! It's always super fast!

This wig is 100% straight from the packaging in these photos! It didn't need any styling what so ever to look great! It's very long, and the colour is so pretty! (The colour in my photos look a bit different because of the blue toned filters added)

This wig is perfect if you don't want to style a wig and want something easy to wear! It looks so pretty and it's very comfortable!

Overall, I would rate this wig ;



Thank you all so much for reading and I wish you all the best! <3 Remember to use my discount code when ordering from Uniqso! And also, make sure to check out Uniqso's website regularly! They always have sales and promotional events going on!

Thank you! Bye bye!

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. The long wig is gorgeous! It looks like mermaid hair (*´▽`*)


  2. Both wigs look like they are great quality~! The long one is super pretty <33


  3. Wow, that turquoise wig is absolutely beautiful! ^.^


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