☆ Review: Unqiso - Phantasee Red Black Sclera lens Carnage

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Hey everyone! Woooah I actually forget how to use blogspot lmao. I haven't blogged in almost one month due to NO WIFI >:( life was so easy then aha. But here I am~ I'm back again with another review from Uniqso! I miss you all. I feel so distant from social media which is sad but also nice ;v; . During my period without wifi, I've literally been playing video games almost 24/7. My laptop broke for about one week ;A; I forgot to mention that! I had to restart the whole thing and everything got deleted in the process .... ;;A; which really sucks because I've had some songs on my laptop forever...:'( also all of my blog pixels and photos waaah. But i'll just see and try to get them back..

Weeeell this is my 13th Uniqso review! (。◝‿◜。) so excited yes yes~ I feel so lame lately with reviews and photos and everything because some peoples are just so much better ;; but I'll try super hard from now on!

[ Uniqso ]

[ Carnage Sclera Lenses ]

Remember to use the code "eikkibunny" for 10% off all orders! (。´∀`)ノ

(whoah i was just in the middle of this review and like died???;; i jsut blanked out and forgot what I was doing )

okaaay! SO if you have already clicked the link or read the title, I will be reviewing SCLERA LENSES !!!! \ / YAAAh ! I was so excited to choose some of these! Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday ever and I will probably wear these like only once but they're so great ~

so, these lenses are very expensive !! They're always in the price range of $100.

My package was shipped DHL, which meant they only took 1-2 weeks to arrive! :---------)

The scleras themselves, came in this little box. Look how big the lens is o...o

This is the lens case it came with. It's obviously bigger than normal lens cases~~

OKAY so actually putting these in my eyes was a horror story itself. At first I was thinking like the lenses are huge, my eye isn't even that big. But I tried to put them in like regular lenses, but then push the sclera up under my top eyelid, and then try to fit it under the bottom eyelid, if that makes any sense?? I found it way easier that way, and then for my second eye, it was muuuuch quicker getting it in. ;v;

But they're actually huge! And they're pretty thick?! liiiike almost rubbery ? But once they're in for a few minutes you get used to them and adjust and they actually feel like nothing is there!

OKAY all the same photo with different filters because I was unsure which I liked best ;v; BUUUUUT THIS IS CONTINUING ON FROM MY ALICE IN WONDERLAND HORROR THING OK OK

I am the white rabbit !!! :---) The rabbit was too late and then got their head chopped off ~ heheh such a wonderful story i'm really getting into this ahahahha someone draw/write it for me oh also I tried so hard to look for bunny ears because I know I had so many, but they're all at my moms house ;; so I only had purple ones and I didn't wanna wear those :( so lets pretend they're there

Overall, I would rate these scleras a 5/5 !! They're great quality and they're actually not as hard as I thought to put in??? The shipping was also fantastic! ;v;

Thank you all so much for reading, and please check out UNiqso for more great choices of scleras, circle lenses and more!!!! <3

Byebye! And please stay tuned for my Uniqso giveway, SweetBox review, Showishes review, uniqso review, and more 8) I have so many reviews to do since I've been without wifi! Have a good day/night!


If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. WOOOOW *O* these cl are spectacular! And you look really great with them!


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