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2:22 PM

Hi everyone! SECOND review for today!! ;v; I'm being so productive on my only day off this week! Tomorrow I have an Elsa party to go to, and then all week I'm working...:( I just wanna blog and play video games.. Honestly, I really wanna play Harvest moon tot again hahah but right now I'm at my mom's house to steal her wifi for now >:^)

And, for my second review, I will write about a pair of lenses I got from Uniqso ! Before I actually start this review though, I have to say that I actually don't know what brand these lenses I will be reviewing ;; It sucks so much and I'm really sorry ;A; I actually don't even have a record of me buying these lenses, so I think Uniqso must have had a mix up or just sent them to me? But I will review them anyway~!

[ Uniqso ]

You can use the discount code "eikkibunny" for 10% off !

OK so first, I wanted to address this. This is a pair I originally got from Unqiso for a review, and the top was a little ripped! I was scared to put them in my eyes because I've heard so many scary stories on not caring properly for your eyes. I contacted Uniqso about this, and they quickly replied and said for me to tell you all, if this ever happens to you guys, just email Uniqso a photo of the lenses and they will replace them with a new pair for free! (´∇ノ`*)ノ

So lets begin a review for these mystery lenses ! Maybe you could help me out, if you know which brand they are, please let me know! ;v;

These lenses look so cute! They're a really vibrant purple.

Here's some photos of what these lenses look like in my eyes~! They don't really add a bigger "dolly" eye effect :( But they are a nice colour purple, and also a good route to go for "natural purple" eyes!

You can buy both of these wigs from CircusDoll!

Overall, I would rate these lens a 4/5. I don't like how they don't really widen the look of my eyes, but they do show up really well.

Thank you for reading my review, and I hope you enjoy my future posts!

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. They look great on you *u* You have a really cute style.

  2. They look really really nice, you look so damn cute there *//*

  3. ive worn slightly ripped contacys and its not a fun experience. my glasses broke and i ripped them slightly wth my fake nails and didnt have a spare ;-; but those are the Geologica Celine Violet!

  4. Pretty cl :3 and you!

    I'm a new follower, here's my blog if you wan to check it :3


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