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Yo~ -(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ

How's everyone doing today? I'm doing okay. I tried to make a twitter today, you can find me here, and it's so confusing haaah ;; how do you guys do it?? I'm also in the middle of switching a few names up! I want to change Sr Circus Doll to Princekisshou! I think Princekisshou suits me a lot better than other urls/names I have so I would like to change them all to Princekisshou & Eikkibunny. I'm sorry for all of this confusion (ι´Д`)ノ...;; I also bought a custom domain so I'm hoping to change this blog up a bit and make it more of a website thing? With pages to my cosplays, sponsors and reviews, and links to other accounts and maybe sell some prints or something?? I dunno ;; everything is confusing right now but i'll see how things go this week.

Today I will be writing a review for the wonderful Spreepicky! I have a few items to review today, so I will try and link them all below!

You can use my discount code "eikkibunny" for 10% off all spreepicky items!

[ Spreepicky ]

[ Luna PJ set ]

[ Apron Skirt ]

[ Sailor top ]

[ Skirt ]

[ Alpaca Top ]

[ Sailor Moon Tights ]

[ Head Piece ]

Remember my discount code "eikkibunny" when purchasing (*´ω`)o

My Spreepicky order came in the larger package and it took about 4 weeks for it to arrive! The second smaller package contained the tights and the alpaca shirt! Spreepicky sent me those items to review as well! They both arrived on the same day.

The top photo shows my things I got from Spreepicky, and the photo underneath is the items they sent me afterwards!! ; v ; All of the items are packaged so cutely with the spreepicky bag and logos! They also sent me a keychain and a measuring tape as a gift~!

First, lets start by reviewing the Apron skirt! The link for this item is above. This skirt comes in white and blue. I got the white one because I was in need of more white skirts (´⌣`ʃƪ). This skirt is really cute because it has the little apron to go over it! The apron is in a heart shape, and it's detachable as well. There's a cherry pattern on it. It's also really nice and fluffy uwu

For these two photos, I wore the skirt with my new top also from Spreepicky. The first photo is the skirt without the apron part~

Shoes are from Ebay

Stockings are from Spreepicky

And I made the bow on the top a headbow B) eheh

And these photos are a different top with the skirt! This top is just a simple t-shirt I got a while ago~. This skirt is so cute ! I like how you can wear it as an apron or a skirt and it'll basically match whatever you're wearing! It also fit super well, and the straps are adjustable on the inside so if you're like me, with a little torso and you need super short straps, then it's perfect!( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Overall, I would rate this skirt thing a 4/5 ! It's really well made and super cute! The only think I didn't like about it was the colour of the buttons were a yellow instead of a white or cream colour. You actually can't notice them much in the photos, but in real life they're more visible.

Selfie spaaaam ~~ It's always so hard to take selfies with real hair?? Like idk why ;;

Lenses are from UNiqso! They're I fairy pon pon green! Use my code "eikkibunny" for 10% off~!

I got this shirt for the summer, but summer ended toooo quickly (゚´Д`゚)゚ so sad... But I do really like fall... I'll probably still wear it with a cardigan or something. The first thing I noticed about this shirt is the QUALITY is amazing! The material is really thick?! I can't even describe it;; It's just really nice uwu . It also has a cute little symbol on the side. It comes with extra buttons, and they all have anchors on them. Also the bow is detachable, and in the product photos, the model wears the bow on the top and the bottom.

Next is this skirt~. I got this skirt to go with the shirt above! ;v; I thought it looked like a good pair haha. I love how this skirt has shorts underneath! I love bobon21 things so much because of that. Heheh always looking out for u ~~

The skirt has a pattern (knit lace?? i don't know I forget what it's called ;A;), as well as a cute little fold over top thing B)

WOOOOw that was a lot of outfit photos.... sorry (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) Anya's in the first one heheh. I tried the bow out different ways in these photos! The top is super comfy and it fits well! Also the skirt is a liiittle small, but it's okay! (。・//ε//・。)

I would rate this Shirt 5/5 and the skirt a 5/5 as well!!! ;v;

Moving onto the Luna PJ set! It's more of a Luna mini kigurumi, but it's really cheap for these so I got it!

This set has a little tail on the back as well!

Not the most flattering while trying to take these photos, but it's really comfy and the material is super light so I won't die. I wore my Luna tights with this for the photos as well. I've already worn these and they're fun and nice ₍₍ ᕕ(´ ω` )ᕗ⁾⁾

I will have to take better photos in this in the future because it was like 1 Am when I took these ones haaah. And once again, anya peeking into the frame.

I would rate these a 5/5 because they're lightweight and soft~~

I got this head piece because it looked really pretty on the head stand thing _(:3 」∠ )_ Buuuut it's not as pretty on me.. It's kinda awkward... I wanted to be a pretty lolita doll or something but I was too lazy to even dress up, I just put it on for a sec for these photos... It kind of reminds me of little miss muffet lmao

It's pretty cute though, on the right person of course.

I would rate this head piece 4/5!

These Sailor Moon tights were given to me as a free gift/free sample to review! I love how they gave me both pairs 8) Thank you spreepicky!!!

I only tried the Luna tights on so far, because I didn't want to open the Artimis ones yet. But they fit perfectly, and they have a little tail on the back as well! They both also have little Artimis and Luna shapes on the lower leg area. They're really comfortable and nice uwu

finally Last item for this super long haul is this Alpaca t-shit! I believe this shirt was made by somebody on DeviantArt and submitted to Spreepicky?? Whoever you are it's a super sweet design ;v; I love how the little alpaca tail is on the back of the shirt!

I wore this shirt with my monomi wig ~ I thought monomi's wig looked super cute in the little buns?? I really tried to take nice photos that day of monomi but idk how well they are... I'm super down on myself lately and everything I do makes me sad... ;; sorry jedmfecdsc

Socks + Shoes - Ebay

Wig - Circusdoll

I really like how the socks and shoes look together with such a simple outfit!

ANnnd a final selfie~!

I would rate this top 5/5! it's really comfortable and it's a really cute design!

Overall, this whole order was great! I love everything I got, and the shipping + customer service was perfect as usual! I highly recommend Spreepicky to everyone!

Don't forget my discount code "eikkibunny" for 10% off!

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this review! I'm sorry it was so long, but I kind of like the longer reviews better because it makes it more worthwhile?? Please stay tuned to my future reviews ; kirino costume, fashionkawaii, THERE'S MORE BUT I FORGET RIGHT NOW

Now it's time to go to work ;; dmwidm Bye bye! I hope you all have a good day! Also, don't forget my lens giveaways here & here

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. So beautiful clothing! You look like a little manga character *-*

  2. I know you don't think it looks good on you but I really like that headpiece, you do look like a doll <33


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