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Hey guys! It's officially October! Everyone's favourite month \( ‘з’)/ How has October been treating you so far~? Are you all excited for Halloween!?


Everytime I write a blog post I promise myself that I will update maybe once every week or so, but I'm always too busy ;; so I only get the most important things finished! (゚´Д`゚)゚ waaah... and then I keep saying I will take more photos and start youtubing and vlogs but i'm so busy ;; during the week I'm usually working, and then on the weekends we have Elsa birthday parties to attend ! (╥_╥) But I promise myself this weekend I will be so productive! I will take some photos and maybe edit my Gou makeup tutorial? ehehhhh...I filmed that about 2 weeks ago now and I haven't even looked at it yet ;;

WELL right now I also have the flu uAu but i'm getting over it!! ON THE BRIGHT SIIIDE Ethan and I got a cat!! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ We adopted her! She's a two year old short hair, all black cat~. Her name is Anya! ;v;

It's really hard trying to write this as Anya's lied on my and the computer lol

This is the only decent photo of her atm because Ethan has some on his phone but he's not home aaaha. She's really sweet though uwu except it's hard to type ;;

I'm going to be posting some things I recently bought over the summer/early september! It's going to kinda be long because I did get a lot of things from Tokyo Otaku Mode ! But I'm going to leave out some things I'm waiting on and maybe make another post in the future! I've seen a bunch of people doing these things so I wanted to do one too (lol bc i'm a copy cat) but also because it makes me feel productive before work! (゜▼゜*)


I bought these items from omocat. I was really looking to expand my wardrobe into more neutral clothing style, because when I get things to review it's all cute dresses and such, so I decided to sell some of my older things and buy these! ;v; I really wanted the Shota shirt because I am the shota :---). Annd I love video games and such so I wanted glitch boy~. Ethan and I both bought these pretty boy sweatshirts last night as soon as they went up into the store ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ ahaha I wanted that sweater forever but everyone had it so as soon as it was posted in blue I bought one. Also, the blue is for anti-bullying so it's really nice to say that I supported it in some little way!

I bought these shirts this morning from little alien apparel. This store is Ethan and my new clothing store(*/∇\*) It's super hard to find neutral clothing around online, so we decided to create our own for all the little aliens~! ;v; I bought the Uke shirt, and the Alien Prince. I'm so happy to see the alien prince shirt becoming so popular!eheh it was named because that's what my bio said on instagram !! I'm happy people are supporting it!

I also got this dress from Circusdoll! ;v; I thought this picture was kinda cute so I wanted to share.


Stardust Witch Meruru: Oreimo. I got this lil figure because I thought she was super cute!! I've always wanted a nendoroid but all of the characters they come in are not worth it ;; But I loved Oreimo so I wanted her 8) I bought her on Ebay for about $40! She comes with a lot of little pieces as well.

I got this Kirino figure from TokyoOtakuMode ! (I will post later down how I earned points for these items) But she was basically free! ;v; She's super good quality, and the shipping on that website is amazing! She only took a few days to arrive! (*´∀`*) She's in her bikini eheh //

This figure is probably my favourite! I love Kenma. He's me, i'm not even kidding. Him and Kuroo are me and Ethan 100%. We bought a Kuroo figure too, but he's released this month, so he should arrive in the next few weeks. But this figure is so perfect. Bought from ebay back in august during the pre-release!!

Maid Kirino! I saw this on ebay for $20, so I wanted to buy her so badly hahaah she's so cute.( /)u( ) She's just a statue type figure, but she now stands with my other kirinos~.

Last figure is Elizabeth from Persona! I got her from TokyoOtakuMode as well! She was also free with my points which is amazing because she was regular $100!!! I was actually thinking someone was sending me this but I never received it,, so as soon as I saw it on this website I bought her! She's so beautiful and actually kinda large for a figure ;v; I have the biggest crush on Elizabeth lmao

woah I never knew how many I got over the summer until now???? I'm actually a huge weeb... I have more coming too?? I only started collecting figures since I got that Komaeda one back in feb !! ;; I'm just a huge waste of money.... but most of these were free so I got them uwu


All of these are from tokyo otaku mode as well! They were bought with my points I made on the site!

Amuse- Standard Alpaca reg size. I got two of these lil guys for me and my sister! They're really cute~ I shared them on instagram and someone said they were like reese and cyrus from acnl.(/ω\)

I got these super big alpacas from tokyootakumode as well! I got four large alpacas, but one all white one was for a giveaway I did on instagram! The white attack on titan alpaca, and the pink pearls alpaca are for my sister! I'm keeping the pink survey corps one for myself. I don't even really care for snk anymore, but I really really thought these were too cute not to get!

Amuse - Loppy bunny. I forget this bunny's name??!! It's like shiro-chan or something?? I dunno ;; but the bunny is super big and really soft and fluffy ;v; haaah i'm trying to finish my post before work but I don't have much time ;;


High School Of the Dead - Uniform. I bought this out of some money I earned by selling old cosplays~ I want to cosplay Saya from HSOTD so now I willll. It's from ebay and it was only $40! Which is super cheap for a costume!

I also bought Rapunzel's costume so I can do some different princesses for parties and such! Rapunzel is Ethan's fav princess lmao so I got her dress! I'm going to buy the wig once the dress is shipped so I have time to make the wig idk I'm excited to cosplay her because she looks so much more comfortable to wear than Elsa.

Robin- Fire Emblem. SO EXCITED TO COSPLAY ROBIN. I'M GOING TO USE THIS FOR MALE AND FEM ROBIN AND MALE MORGAN YEEEES. I love fe:a so much hands down, my favourite game ever. I bought this from some weird store I forget the name!!

Athena & Trucy - Ace Attorney. I got my Athena costume second hand from KIJIJI LOL, and Trucy's was from some cosplay site! :) My sister loves AA so much so we bought her Trucy's costume!

Laaaast cosplay of this post is my Kenma cosplay~! I got this track suit from ebay, for about $60. The wig is from Circusdoll.storenvy.com! ;v; I can't wait for Ethan and I to cosplay Kenma and Kuroo together 0:)

Wigs; I'm just going to list some of the most recent wigs I bought so if you see them in future cosplays or have seen them, then here they are~! I'm not going to post photos because that would be a lot lol.

-Haruka -Makoto -Nagisa -Twelve(znt) -Nine(znt) -Kenma -Kirino : All from Circusdoll

-Maribelle -Gaius -Lucina -Nitori (yes I bought ANOTHER nitori wig aaaah) : Ebay

Other Items

Rilakkuma tissue pouch ; TokyoOtakuMode. This one is super cute hhehe. I actually only bought this because I figured I had points to waste so I got this and I really like it B) I usually put makeup and stuff in it if i'm going out for a while like photoshoots or something~ uwu

Dolly Wink Liquid Liner: Ebay. I received this in the mail yesterday !! I needed new eyeliner so I thought it would be best to just buy this one because it's my favourite ;v;

hAHA I JUST had work so I had to leave this post for like five hours and I wanted to come home and finish it so badly ;; I tried so hard to get it done before work but I didn't uAu

Pink Tamagotchi P: tokyootakumode. I actually bought two of these, one for me and one for a giveaway! I really didn't think my points through at all, I literally spent all my $1000 of points in one month ... But these are really cute, and they light up! I kept mine alive for a week or more but then gave up because we were moving and I was busy and forgot about it 8) BUt i've been wanting a new tamagotchi for a long time now so I'm really glad they were on that site to buy!

3DSXL Kitty Cover: Ebay. I bought this in pink because I wanted something to protect my ds while I bring it everywhere and play FE:A so I found this one on ebay for around $20 and bought it~. OH I ALSO bought a pink cover for my psp, but since I bought it, my sister had my psp and was playing persona so I didn't get the chance to take any photos ;;


Professor Layton Art book & Prof Layton + Phoenix Wright game: Tokyootaku + store lol. OK so these are basically my two fav games into one so I flipped out and I had to get this. Also I love layton so much ;v; I remember when the second game was coming out they had a contest to win a trip to england and I literally entered 100+ times everyday and i'm so upset I didn't win.. I remember coming home from school and spending at least an hour before my violin lessons to enter this dumb contest omg.

Sentimental circus tote bag: T O M. Sentimental circus is my fav san-x character because bunny + circus yes

My Little Monster Art Book: T O M. I bought this for Ethan uwu because it's his fav show and he's my haru (*ノωノ)♥♥♥♥(so gay) This art book is actually really pretty ~

Oh my gosh ;; I know that was kinda a lot of stuff and a long review, but remember it was over august + september!! Also most of this stuff was free because of Tokyo Otaku Mode ! I wrote about it here ! You can earn up to $1000 on their webstore, and I did and used it all already (。・//ε//・。) i'm such a money waster... I also sold a lot of my older clothing and costumes to afford new things !

I also have two uniso giveaways here & here if you wanted to join.

Also please support Ethan and my new store !

Thanks so much for reading this and making it this far! Please stay tuned for new reviews~!

Bye bye!

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. I remember back when everybody had tomagotchi and I was the only one who didn't ;u; I played on my friends' tomagotchit but never actually got one of my own wwww /// /// but one of these days I'll actually go and get one <3
    also tom is just randomly giving me points so maybe they'll do the same for you??? I have $5 worth of points so I don't know if that's just because I joined the site or not uwu

  2. A lot of cute things *-* I'm in love with your new clothes!

  3. Oh wow that things so beautiful, I hope to see soon Rapuncel cosplay! I'm sure that you stay beautiful> w <! I loved your purchases: 3 I'm very happy that you have such a long post updated * ---- * I love your blog


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