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Good morning everyone~! Today I will be writing a review for Himi store! I had worked with Himi before and I got the cute Sailor Moon set last summer, so I know that they're a reliable company! Himi contacted me again to work with them and they said they will be sending a few surprise items!

Links for the items will be below, although I couldn't find the link to the skirt or the bloomers they sent me! So maybe they will post the items soon after.

[ Himi Store ]

[ Top ]

I also have a discount code for this store! - Use my code "eikkibunny" ~!

My package was shipped in this envelope! It only took about ten days to arrive! Which is very fast~!

These are what I got in the package~~

I got these bloomers. I absolutely love these so much! I wear them all the time under dresses and skirts, and I was meaning to buy more but they're always $20 or more and I can't seem to dish out that for them. But I'm so happy I got these! They're very light weight and comfortable!

This is the skirt I got. It's very cute! It's pink plaid with lace in between the ruffles. I couldn't seem to find it in their store though, so if I can find it I will link it later!

Annnd here's the top! I'm in love with this top at the moment! I love how it has the lace and mesh at the bottom! It's so cute.

Some photos of me wearing the outfit


Top - Himi

Skirt - Himi

Shoes - Lolitafashion

Wig - Circusdoll

I LOVE this outfit! It's so cute!! I'm wearing it right now actually hahah ;v;

Selfies ~!

Overall, I'm really pleased with these items! I had no trouble with them at all, and I love the outfit combo! Shipping was very quick and customer service was good as well!

Remember to use my code "eikkibunny" when ordering from Himi !

Thank you all so much for reading !

If anyone has any questions/concerns or requests please leave a comment, email me at lapissss@msn.com, message me on facebook, or leave an ask on my tumblr

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  1. Thank you a lot for this review, cutie pie ♡ Himi contacted me too for making a review these surprize items and I now I know what are these items, hehe ♡
    That bloomers are adorable, i can't wait to get it soon ;-;


  2. Ahhhh all the things are so cute! Especially the bloomers~ It's much nicer than wearing sporty shorts under short dresses c: And I need that "give me food" shirt hehe~

  3. OMG!!! Everything was suuuuper cute >o< WHY?!!


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